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The bottom reading of shoes making enterprises in Houjie is being fully spread

Release time:2021-03-25 Source:A.A Footwear Co., Ltd.

In July, Suzhou, located in the Yangtze River Delta economic circle, has been informed that Adidas has been moving its factories to Southeast Asia with lower cost. In Dongguan, at the mid year meeting of coastal film last Wednesday, experts revealed that the order of some domestic shoe making enterprises decreased by about 10% in the first half of the year, the enterprise order was insufficient and the problems of operation were prominent.

Due to the shrinking market in Europe and America and the pressure of human cost, it is difficult for alligators or shrimp to be alone. Shoe enterprises have become the trend of the times to seek transformation. Some adventurers have chosen to increase capital and expand their stores against the market.

In June, Jinniu leather group increased its capital by 10 million yuan to open a branch of Jinniu lacquer leather manufacturing plant in Houjie Xitou Industrial Park. For the risk of capital increase in the adverse market, Liu Zhijun, chairman of Jinniu leather group, believes that "the so-called crisis is actually a crisis. When the industry is depressed, shuffling will accelerate, and it is the time for the powerful to make a big fight." After the lacquer leather plant is put into operation, it is expected to bring a new value of 80million yuan to Jinniu group every year. In addition, in August, Jinniu will set up another two direct stores in Houjie.

Mr Liu said the sales volume of Jinniu increased by 25% in the first half of this year compared with the same period last year. The "high-end brand" route ensured the stability of orders. If in the export market, the company focuses on the world famous brands such as Adidas and Nike, and supplies to famous brands such as Bailey, Aokang, Daphne and red dragonfly in the domestic market. In addition, the "third leg" of Taurus is self-sale, that is, to be its own supplier. Last year, Jinniu leather industry invested in the establishment of handbag factory in Houjie, and started the research and development of leather products and handbags and other finished products by using its own brand and raw materials. On the one hand, the strategic transformation has timely digested inventory, reduced the risk of operation, on the other hand, it has extended the industrial chain, diversified expanded the product structure, and fostered new growth points.

The brave "bottom" is also the shoe industry alligator. In July, as the world's largest shoe maker, Taiwan Baocheng group's chain retail store brand "footzone Baoyuan shoemaker" officially opened in Houjie housha Road, the fifth store it opened in Dongguan. In the strategic layout of Baocheng group, Dongguan is called "the base camp", which has a large shoe making industrial park in Dongguan, with nearly 200000 employees in Dongguan alone. Relying on the strong local manufacturing advantages, footzone Baoyuan shoemaker outlets have successively settled in Huangjiang, Gaopo, Changping, Nancheng and other places.

Footzone Baoyuan shoemaker Houjie store covers an area of nearly 300 square meters, and it has a collection of international first-line brands and self owned brands such as Nike, a didAs, R eebok, m izuno and penny. Referring to the reasons for the layout of Houjie, Zhang Yuzhou, executive vice president of F ootzone Baoyuan shoemaker, said that it was mainly due to the location advantages and industrial basis of Houjie. "People call Houjie the axis of the Pearl River Delta". It is adjacent to Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Macao, and also a famous shoe industry base. There are more than 1500 shoe enterprises, attracting a large number of domestic and foreign professional purchasers to gather here For the second half of the year, as Liu Zhijun's judgment, Baoyuan is not optimistic, but they also believe that the downturn can be used for layout.

Of course, transformation is a problem for more shoe companies, both in the government and in the industry. Just recently, the world shoe industry headquarters base in Houjie is planning to build a comprehensive portal of shoes industry leadership, "world shoe network". It is reported that world shoe network is a comprehensive footwear portal and electronic commerce public service platform integrating footwear industry R & D and design, Global trade and logistics distribution, brand display and promotion, product distribution, brand incubation, information consulting, online transaction, online OA office and online e RP, covering the current popular trading mode such as B 2B, B2C and o2o. All shoe enterprises in the upper and lower reaches of the shoe industry are within their service scope. At present, the world shoe network domain name has passed the record, the website is w w w.w , which is expected to be online by the end of this year. World shoe network has signed strategic alliance with Tsinghua University, French Shoe Association, Thailand shoe industry association, South Swiss University of science and technology application, France CTC and other authoritative institutions. "We want to build the world shoe network into a tertiary industry cluster serving the second industry and become the order center and pricing center of the global shoe industry," said the relevant person in charge.

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