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Shoe Retailers join e-commerce to open 3.0 era

Release time:2021-03-25 Source:A.A Footwear Co., Ltd.

Facing the strong attack of e-commerce, shoe retail businesses have been engaged in shoe e-commerce platform to find a way out.

Experts pointed out that: shoes retail e-commerce can be divided into four stages, and these four stages have obvious characteristics. The first stage is standardization, namely, the extremely standard of commodities, suitable for online sales; the second stage quasi standard category, 3C commodity category comparison standard, but the service is a bit complex, including shoes, the second wave of which we can think of the achievement of JD; the third stage is personalized; The fourth stage is no standard, so far, the whole e-commerce, including the whole new business form, is basically mature.

According to the relevant data report from 2007 to 2012, experts expect the market size to reach 47.9 billion this year, the growth rate of the whole footwear retail market is 55%, the growth rate of last year is 81%, and the growth rate has declined.

At the same time, the retail e-commerce market will be growing. The leading B2C in China, shoe shooting network, ordinary customers... Represents the category of TOP10, women's clothing, women's shoes and bags, representing 80% of Taobao TOP10 in China online retail.

Through the sharing of the data above, we can see that e-commerce has grown gradually after a long development period. Unconsciously, our e-commerce model has become diversified. The industrial chain and participation role of e-commerce have been expanding continuously, and e-commerce functions are becoming more and more perfect.

After a long exploration, e-commerce enterprises began to pursue closer relationship with customers, not only to provide the functional needs of products for consumers, but also to provide emotional value demands. Therefore, companies and products began to pursue unique market positioning, and to bring consistent value combination for consumers. Our e-commerce activities are more and more frequent, which is the era of 2.0 that I think is the era of 2.0 .

In this regard, relevant experts believe that e-commerce activities will be more and more in-depth, and will enter the 3.0 era smoothly.

Experts like reporters pointed out: from information display, to the promotion of the whole network, to instant interaction, to mobile payment, to after-sales service, e-commerce should be a one-stop platform solution, product and sales combination of new development ideas. Especially with the emergence of mobile Internet, a large number of fragmented time has become the main channel for people to obtain information. Based on mobile Internet, e-commerce has become a blue ocean that traditional enterprises have not yet developed. Entering the 3.0 era, we must pay more attention to the development of the network, and the fashion style release will appear more in the places with Internet.

At the same time, experts suggest that shoe enterprises can consider putting some product design styles on the Internet to market. If the online reflection is very good and the order is more, we can also produce in large quantities. The regular funds that go well online will be changed to the physical stores. The effect in the physical stores will not be bad. Maybe we can also participate in group buying or other models to sell our shoes. In this changing era, we should maximize the use of resources.

When it comes to traditional enterprises how to see e-commerce, experts suggest that traditional brands must have several problems to know when entering e-commerce: first, you should be clear about e-commerce, whether you want to transfer the stock or increase the sales volume. Second, you see e-commerce as an online retail channel or a long-term strategic investment layout for your enterprise. Third, you should implement the price policy or brand strategy. Fourth, do you want to do direct sales or want to do online distribution.

Enterprises must have a long-term plan, what to do and how to do it. If these four problems are not clear, experts suggest that businesses should not be involved in the field of e-commerce first.

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