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How do shoe and clothing enterprises face the dilemma of brand lease expiration?

Release time:2021-03-25 Source:A.A Footwear Co., Ltd.

Some time ago, the dispute between Wang Laoji, which was known as the first case of Chinese trademark, was finally settled. Guangyao group won the lawsuit and recovered the trademark right of Wanglaoji in red cans. For a time, people from all walks of life have speculated about the future of Wang Laoji trademark, and the deeper is the thinking of brand leasing.

Due to the fierce competition, it is difficult to do a brand from shaping to growing, and it is difficult to do it in three to five years. Therefore, brand leasing seems to be a better choice. For the renters, the brand with high recognition can not only save some operating costs necessary for self-made brand, earn the overflow value, but also use the brand to re integrate resources. The brand authorizer can use the operating experience and market channel of the leasing enterprise to open the situation at the fastest speed and seize the market, and further improve the brand reputation and market value.

Because of "win-win", in various industries, the examples of authorized agents are not uncommon. For example, the "Sanyo" brand of household appliance enterprises is rented by Hefei Sanyo company in Sanyo, Japan, and kappa and camel brands in shoe and clothing industry also have authorized agency business. However, the disadvantages are not without. After all, the brand trademark and core value rented are held in the hands of others. You only have the right to use it. When the "child grows up" or the contract expires, it is not clear whether the brand will leave you. The ending of gadobo and Guangyao group is there, which is a pity and a lesson.

Therefore, when the enterprises leasing brands get a brand authorization, they should consider more about the future. If you have enough conditions, whether to launch a free brand without clear strategic objectives, then the agency will become a short-term behavior and will inevitably fall into the embarrassment of helping others raise children. At this point, the experience of Sanyo in Hefei may give us some warning.

The contract period between Hefei Sanyo and Sanyo Japan is 2013, but recently, Panasonic acquired Sanyo, and announced that Sanyo brand will be stopped from April 2012. Therefore, whether Hefei Sanyo can continue to use the "Sanyo" brand has become an unknown number. Since it has been operating for a single brand, once the contract cannot be renewed, Sanyo of Hefei will face the dilemma of no brand availability. Finally, Sanyo had to temporarily embrace Buddha's feet and cultivate its own brand "emperor", facing great pressure.

While leasing brands, we also push the direction of their own brands. Quanzhou leden enterprises do well. As one of the camel brand renters, Quanzhou leden shoes industry is the general agent of camel operating outdoor brands in China, and independently completes research and development, production and market development. While running camel, with the help of sales experience and the original channel system for customers, the company established the brand of St. fry outdoor in 2008. The dual brand operation makes leden occupy more initiative in the outdoor market.

Pushing the independent brand can save the high brand rental cost and get rid of the situation of "being controlled by people". Independent two words, it must be only through brand agents and independent brand enterprises can truly experience the taste of the individual. In addition, the double brand operation can also improve the bargaining chip of the enterprise in the agency negotiation, rather than letting people pinch their necks to raise the price. "You can't afford to rent, and others are waiting for rent."

The insiders suggest that when acting for a brand, we should pay attention to several problems: first, the definition of the right of the brand license agreement, the enterprise should not only stand in front of the eyes to see the rights of both parties, but also stand in a relatively long time to consider the binding of the agreement on both sides; Second, during the performance of the agreement, communication and communication with the parties shall be strengthened at all times, so as to effectively avoid conflicts, create a good environment for the implementation of the agreement and accumulate trust continuously; Third, in the process of brand licensing agency, we should focus on the long-term development strategic planning, integrate the brand license agent into the long-term development strategic plan of the enterprise, and guide and coordinate the brand license agency with the implementation of the enterprise development strategy plan.

The enterprise spends a great effort to represent a brand, and what it sees is its recognition and influence. For brand owners, if the brand rents well, it can be added to the cake, bad or poorly managed, which will blacken the hard-working brand image, even affect the subsequent development. In some industries, there have been some phenomena of brand authorization party management confusion, which led to several agents fighting and bullshit, and accused each other of the other for fake and fake, which caused great damage to the original brand.

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